The Tale of Two Nurseries - Our Woodland Nursery Design

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our woodland nursery story...

Picture this:  two women are preparing for the birth of their first daughters.  One lives in Manhattan Beach, California and the other in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The beach mom loves a light and airy feeling.  She chooses light blues and whites for her nursery even though she's having a girl.  Thankfully the Serena and Lily Wren pattern is perfect for her design aesthetic.

The New Orleans mom loves nature and is a talented artist.  She paints a woodland themed mural on the nursery walls for her baby girl.  The high ceilings add drama as does the canopy draping over the crib.

Four years later, both moms move.  It just so happens that the Manhattan Beach mom relocates to New Orleans and when she sees the mural in the little girl's room of the yellow cottage, bordered with a picket fence, she knows she's home.

Here is what the bedroom looks like now that the two nurseries are combined:

Of course the California mom is me.  When people ask about the room, they are always surprised to learn that all of the items came from our old nursery.  It all matches perfectly and none of it was planned!

I love how the Newport Cottages Picket Fence twin bed rests peacefully under the giant tree.  It is made up in green and white bedding that matches the grass.  The Celine Crib with Serena and Lily's Wren bumper complements the woodland animal theme.  And the green sconces that sparkled during night time diaper changes in Manhattan Beach, are once again lighting up the night for whatever transpires when little girls can't sleep.

It's funny because when I moved away from our Manhattan Beach nursery I missed it so much.  After spending months choosing paint colors, custom window treatments, sconces and bedding, it felt like I was abandoning what I thought would be my child's room for many years.

Sometimes, things just have a way of working out for the better.  I like this nursery even more.  Although I wasn't the one to lovingly paint the walls at nine-months-pregnant, I feel like they were painted just for us.  I felt compelled to share this because the room will be changing soon.  My baby is almost three and it is time for two big girl beds.  I look forward to how the room will look with that change.  Thanks for taking a peek at our nursery!


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