I Know What it Means to Love New Orleans

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A little girl at the Seafood Festival last weekend was wearing a charm that read:

"I know what it means to love New Orleans."

I want one for myself because I too know what it means to love this city. Aside from the friendly people and delicious food (I have gained 8 pounds in 6 months - not good), the architecture continues to captivate me daily. I found these photos of a gorgeous French Quarter home on my Realtor's website (Eric Wilkinson - French Quarter Realty). I have to plug that since he waited patiently as my husband and I took 4 years to finally decide to move here from California!

Here is the front of the home. If you have been to the French Quarter, you know this is a pretty standard street view. The homes look interesting but you have no idea what awaits you inside.

Above is the courtyard. I love the pavers and the shutters...

Interior brick floors...

High ceilings...

Blue shutters in the courtyard...

Are we in France? What an incredible outside area in the bustling French Quarter area.

Amazing chandelier...

This gray kitchen is perfection. The form and function are so harmonious and it exudes modern conveniences and old world charm. I love the stainless steel mixed in with the antique table that is used as both an island and seating area.

I am chandelier obsessed there green in this one?

A room with a view...

Check out the view here - the old roofs in the forefront and the modern skyline in the background. I would say this is one of my favorite things about New Orleans' architecture. I look out my upstair's window with my daughters nightly to see the amazing sunsets.
While we gaze at the bright pinks and purples in the sky, I look at the old chimneys and aging roof lines. It is an incredible sight because it is truly unlike anything I have ever seen before in a modern American city.

New Orleans is big on brick walls...I love them.

Another view of the outside shutters and courtyard...

If you are in the market click here. Otherwise, have a great night!
xo, Heather


  1. I wish I could move! Alas! Our employment is in Illinois!
    My nephew is the cook at a restaurant called Refuel Cafe...good stuff! Try them when you go!


  2. LOVE New Orleans! My husband and i visited before the hurricane and I fell in love with that city! Such character! And the architecture is amazing!