A Perfect Gray

Friday, September 16, 2011

Painting my home in New Orleans is completely different than California. Here, many homes have the same color running throughout with everything including doors, mouldings, etc. in the same paint color. I must say, it looks fantastic although I am not used to it quite yet. I learned that no matter what, mouldings and doors are white, white, white. So, I am looking for just the right neutral. I found an amazing blog called A Perfect Gray. It offers some really fantastic advice on what the best gray paint colors are, how you know which gray is right for your home and "what everyone should know about gray." Not to mention there are many beautiful photos of interiors with various shades of this elegant color. I'm not completely sold on what I am painting yet, but this blog definitely has helped me narrow it down. What do you think about one color everywhere?


  1. I prefer it to that look with a "feature wall" that is bold and the rest of the room is neutral. It looks like a locker room to me!
    One color is very soothing, I think.
    I have yet to paint a single, solitary wall in my home because I cannot decide on the color. The house is currently all builder's white. No too bad, really! However, the trim will be white and the doors will be painted high gloss black.

  2. I have been on a white craze. At one time, I wanted my home to reflect the colors of the moment - however now I want simply white, cream or linen colors to envelop me. I think linen, cashmere knits, canvas, tweed, leather and fur in naturals seems pure, timeless and modern.
    Lovely la la linen day to you!
    Thanks for following me and my blog.

  3. What a gorgeous image, and I too love whites and neutrals to surround myself daily - calm and soothing. Thrilled to find and follow your blog!!

  4. heather, thank you so much for the recommendation. enjoying your blog...donna