In Honor of the Royal Wedding: Fascinators

Friday, April 29, 2011

In honor of the Royal Wedding that so captured the world today...

I thought I would take a look at fascinators.

In case you do not know what that is (as I did not until I looked it up on Wikipedia) a fascinator is a headpiece that you may wear instead of hat that is usually made out of feathers, flowers or beads. They are sometimes called "Cocktail Hats" and the gorgeous Kate Middleton has made them famous in the past several months.

Here are some photos of Kate wearing these fabulous headpieces...

Here are some examples I was able to find of linen, silk and cotton fascinators...

Antoinette Fascinator by Angela By the Sea

Silk Bloom Bridal Headband by Fine & Felurie

For more information about fascinators, I found a great article on the blog Wedding Row Charlotte that lists many companies that specialize in millinery couture. To read it click here.

What do you think of this trend? I am trying to think of what possible event I could actually wear one of these to in my forceable future. Good think I live in New Orleans might just be a possibility here. Good night!