Thanksgiving Table Settings

Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh how I love decorating for Thanksgiving! It must be the rich colors of autumn, the endless sea of table linens in exquisite fabrics, family time and pumpkin pie that draws me in each year. The funny thing about this particular Thanksgiving is that I am actually going to a restaurant. I have no business looking up "Thanksgiving decorations" because frankly I don't need them. But, it makes me so happy and since this is a linen blog, I thought it was only fitting to share some beautiful, Fall inspirations that include beautiful table linens.

This first batch of photos is from Country Living:

What a clever idea. This is essentially a craft project. You buy linen fabric and write your guests' names directly on the fabric. I love these Scripted Linen Napkins.

These plates are beautiful and remind me of the ones I have from Williams Sonoma. I never thought to use a Striped Table Runner but it works and looks fabulous.

This photo just makes me happy. I love the Floral Centerpiece and the green goblets. Punches of color add to the dimension of any table and I think this combination works perfectly.

I chose this photo for two reasons: the pewter table accents and painted Gray Bookshelves. I love painted wood and this gray palette with the contrasting red linens seems so festive to me.

The next photos I found on a great blog titled Simple Song which took me over to Southern Living and a Thanksgiving table designed by Maria Cooke. Maria is an event planner and I must say, I would love to attend one of her parties!

I love the color palette she uses for this design.

Anything hemstitched and linen will always be included on this blog!

Here she strung together a list of blessings.

Guests can write down what they are thankful for this year.

What a fun kids' table!

Don't forget to take home leftovers!

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