Z Gallery - Seashells & Linen

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quite possibly my favorite combination (linen and seashells that is)! I wandered into a Z Gallery last week and was pleasantly surprised by all of the modern pieces in linen and the wonderful assortment of seashell accessories they had. I thought it would make for a perfect post.

So, first for the linen pieces...

I loved their lamps. Especially the Tuxedo Chandelier because it is a wonderful way to show how linen can be used in a modern decor scheme. I love the frilly, romantic look of linen but it can also be used in a contemporary setting and this lamp is the perfect example.

I also liked the Constaletti Floor Lamp with its glass spheres and linen shade.

The Chloe Table Lamp made out of porcelain, comes in three colors and has a shade made of a linen blend.

The Munich Table Lamp is another nice choice for a contemporary feel.

Now my favorite lamp was the Gold Capiz Hanging Lamp. I think this would produce a wonderful, warm glow for a spectacular dinner party!

Moving on from lamps...the Nathan Sofa is a great option for a classic sofa with contemporary lines. I also like the fact it has three creates the idea that three people really can sit down and each have their own space.
Don't forget the matching chair...
I also thought the Graham Slipcovered collection was fantastic with its French seams and pillow backs. I especially loved the ottoman!

The Ella Bed is gorgeous in its white linen. It would dress up any room and again is that perfect combination of modern (design) and classic (linen).
LinkI was also attracted to this print titled On the Winds by Maria Antonia Torres. I love blue and taupe, plus it has a linen mat. I had to share!

And next the seashells. I absolutely love this Bolinas Mirror.

And for a more modern look I thought the Oceania Mirror was perfect.

Keeping with the same look, I thought the Perla Collection in bronze was lovely.

If you are more traditional and like things lighter, here are some beautiful options for decor and table top.

Faux Fossilized Shell

Large Atlantis Clam Shell

Perla Bowl - Orchid
Perla Vases - Orchid
Perla Canisters - Orchid

Food Cover with Shells

Natural Shell Placemat
Do you love seashells and linen together? If so, I would love to see the looks you have created in your own homes. Please email Until next time!